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Are We Alone?- A 50,000 Year Old Question

Are we alone within our colossal cosmos? That question along with “why are we here?” and “what happens when we die?” comprise the big three conundrums that we have been pondering for at least 50,000 years. The prehistoric dawning of… Continue Reading →

Time-A Confounding Mystery

Time is the only component of the natural world that competes with the the Vastness of our Cosmos in the ability to inspire awe and befuddlement.  We struggle to grasp it.  Its relentless march surprises and confounds us.  Its trickery exposes our innate hubris. … Continue Reading →

Sixth Mass Extinction-What is Being Lost?

Over the past 500 million years our planet has borne witness to five mass extinctions of life.  We are now bearing witness to a sixth.  Unlike previous mass extinctions—which all occurred before the rise of our species—the sixth mass extinction… Continue Reading →

Fresh Water – A Dwindling Resource?

In a previous post, Serenity of Water, the emotional relationship between humans and water was discussed.  That post focused on our deep attachment to bodies of water and the benefits we derive from that attachment.  But what about our total, unalterable,… Continue Reading →

Life and Death of Our Sun

Our magnificent Sun.  Our natural provider of light, warmth, and life.  Even at a distance of ~ 93 million miles from Earth our star burns with such intensity that we are obliged to wear protective eyewear when attempting to gaze… Continue Reading →

Serenity of Water-A Universal Effect

What is it about bodies of water that attracts us so?  Whether it be ocean, lake, or pond there are few of us that are not moved by water.  For those of us fortunate enough to live on or near… Continue Reading →

Speed of Light and Vastness

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity was reviewed in a previous post.  As discussed within that article the speed of light is a key component of Einstein’s equation E=MC2.  Here is the link to that post. How can we put the speed… Continue Reading →

E=MC2..Theory of Special Relativity..What the Heck!

The famous equation; E=MC2.  We all know it.  It is, after all, the most famous equation in mathematics and science. It is Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity.  Energy = mass x the speed of light (squared). E=MC2 E= Energy M… Continue Reading →

The Worst Hurricanes in US History

With the recent devastation wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma many of our fellow citizens residing in the coastal regions of the US will spend months and years trying to recover some semblances of their previous lives. This will be… Continue Reading →

How is a Total Solar Eclipse Even Possible?

How is it possible that our moon can completely block out our massive sun?  A total solar eclipse is a thing of wondrous precision.  At its climax, the moon perfectly covers the sun.  Perfectly.  Given the vast difference in the… Continue Reading →

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