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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren-Sacrifice

In a previous post, Grandparenting-Taking Advantage of the Upside, the traditional role of the grandparent was discussed. The pleasure derived from being a grandparent without most of the heavy burdens associated with parenting. But, at an increasing rate, grandparents are now… Continue Reading →

The Cold Wisdom of Mortality

The birth of human consciousness was the spark that forever cast us as separate beings from all other living things.  Our self-awareness was the foundation from which sprung qualities that are uniquely human…both good and bad.  With that dawning awareness… Continue Reading →

Grandparenting-Taking Advantage of the Upside

The art of grandparenting has little in common with parenting.  In most cases grandparents are afforded the opportunity to love and spoil a grandchild without having to participate in any of the less enjoyable aspects of child-rearing.  After all, at… Continue Reading →

Digital Communication/Social Media-The Costs

We humans are amazingly adaptive creatures.  Throughout our evolution we have managed to adapt to tumultuous shifts in our societal, religious and political landscapes.  Technology has been no exception.  Technological advances began to gather steam during the Industrial Revolution.  Since… Continue Reading →

Our First Car-Our First Taste of Freedom

We forget a lot of the comings and goings from our past.  Many of the people, places and happenings from our youth become fuzzy around the edges as we move into adulthood.  But, there are exceptions.  Pieces of our youth… Continue Reading →

World Population-A Creeping Menace

It is estimated that there are currently ~7.6 billion humans inhabiting this planet.  That is 7,600,000,000 of us currently consuming, to varying degrees, this planet’s finite resources.  World population back in the year 2000 was estimated at ~ 6.2 billion. … Continue Reading →

Rewarding Mediocrity-A National Malaise

Every generation of Americans have shared a common general objective….to provide more secure and more fulfilling lives for our children.  The natural tendency is to want our children and grandchildren to have it better than we did.  We want them… Continue Reading →

Our Mother’s Death-A Time for Reflection

Our mothers.  Our givers of life.  Over the course of our lifelong relationships with our mothers we often lose sight of that fundamental, unalterable, fact.  They gave us life.  Without them, there is no us.  Our fathers contributed to the… Continue Reading →

Baby Boomer Toys-A Rich History

What is a “Baby Boomer”?  Anyone born in the United States between the years 1946 and 1964 is classified as a Baby Boomer.  The term stems from the fact that the US experienced a significant increase in annual birth rates… Continue Reading →

Youth, Age, and Perspective

“Youth is wasted on the young”.  Who said those profound words?  The general consensus is that the quote came from George Bernard Shaw.  I don’t know what epiphany led Mr. Shaw to that utterance but, for me, those six words… Continue Reading →

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