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Baby Boomer Legacy – A Two-Sided Coin

The Baby Boomer legacy.  I am a Baby Boomer—as is anyone else born in the US between the years 1946 and 1964. The end of the Great Depression and World War II resulted in a dramatic rise in birth rates… Continue Reading →

The Wonderful and Magical Santa Claus

Fort Smith, Arkansas on a cold Christmas Eve night in 1962……..Santa Claus was coming! I was sitting in my parents small living room watching TV.  At ~8:00 pm the local news broadcaster interrupted the programming to announce that the Fort… Continue Reading →

History of Monday Night Football

Lovers of NFL football are now able to tune in to a game on Sundays, Sunday nights, Monday nights, and Thursday nights.  This is expanded to Saturdays during the post-season.  Like all of our national passions we have gorged ourselves… Continue Reading →

History of Life Expectancy in the US

Our allotted time on this earth is not, and will never be, guaranteed.  Our individual life expectancy’s are dictated by a myriad of factors…..many of which we can influence, but many more which we cannot.  Some parts genetic luck and… Continue Reading →

A History of Music Players

What would our lives be like without music?  A couple of words that come to mind would be “bland” and “colorless”.  Event the most joyless contrarians likely have at least a basic appreciation of music.   For many of us our… Continue Reading →

A Short History of Presidential Assassinations

Over the course of our 241 year history there have been four presidential assassinations.  Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William Mckinley, and John Kennedy were all murdered while in office.  While the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations have certainly had much deeper… Continue Reading →

National Museum of the Pacific War

For anyone interested in World War II history and, specifically, the war in the Pacific theatre the National Museum of the Pacific War is a “must-see”.  Located in Fredericksburg, Texas—the childhood home of Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of… Continue Reading →

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