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Life and Death of Our Sun

Our magnificent Sun.  Our natural provider of light, warmth, and life.  Even at a distance of ~ 93 million miles from Earth our star burns with such intensity that we are obliged to wear protective eyewear when attempting to gaze… Continue Reading →

The Wonderful and Magical Santa Claus

Fort Smith, Arkansas on a cold Christmas Eve night in 1962……..Santa Claus was coming! I was sitting in my parents small living room watching TV.  At ~8:00 pm the local news broadcaster interrupted the programming to announce that the Fort… Continue Reading →

History of Monday Night Football

Lovers of NFL football are now able to tune in to a game on Sundays, Sunday nights, Monday nights, and Thursday nights.  This is expanded to Saturdays during the post-season.  Like all of our national passions we have gorged ourselves… Continue Reading →

Serenity of Water-A Universal Effect

What is it about bodies of water that attracts us so?  Whether it be ocean, lake, or pond there are few of us that are not moved by water.  For those of us fortunate enough to live on or near… Continue Reading →

World Population-A Creeping Menace

It is estimated that there are currently ~7.6 billion humans inhabiting this planet.  That is 7,600,000,000 of us currently consuming, to varying degrees, this planet’s finite resources.  World population back in the year 2000 was estimated at ~ 6.2 billion. … Continue Reading →

Rewarding Mediocrity-A National Malaise

Every generation of Americans have shared a common general objective….to provide more secure and more fulfilling lives for our children.  The natural tendency is to want our children and grandchildren to have it better than we did.  We want them… Continue Reading →

History of Life Expectancy in the US

Our allotted time on this earth is not, and will never be, guaranteed.  Our individual life expectancy’s are dictated by a myriad of factors…..many of which we can influence, but many more which we cannot.  Some parts genetic luck and… Continue Reading →

Our Mother’s Death-A Time for Reflection

Our mothers.  Our givers of life.  Over the course of our lifelong relationships with our mothers we often lose sight of that fundamental, unalterable, fact.  They gave us life.  Without them, there is no us.  Our fathers contributed to the… Continue Reading →

A History of Music Players

What would our lives be like without music?  A couple of words that come to mind would be “bland” and “colorless”.  Event the most joyless contrarians likely have at least a basic appreciation of music.   For many of us our… Continue Reading →

Speed of Light and Vastness

Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity was reviewed in a previous post.  As discussed within that article the speed of light is a key component of Einstein’s equation E=MC2.  Here is the link to that post. How can we put the speed… Continue Reading →

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